MTK9’s dedication exceeds training handlers and their dogs. We provide exhilarating, action packed seminars and demonstrations occupied with 100% valuable and practical knowledge anyone can apply on a daily basis! From schools, camps and non-profit associations like 4H and libraries to businesses, law enforcement agencies and other students MTK9 has been there to provide entertaining and informative seminars! For over 20 years of working with dogs in various fields, learning from some of the world’s finest trainers, groomers and veterinarians; the knowledge accumulated is immeasurable!

Performing hundreds of seminars internationally Rob, Head Trainer of MTK9 keeps your attention focusing on what is important and generating the most comprehendible material around.

The following are subjects offered to fit your needs in which MTK9 specializes in.

Myth Busting – Bite Prevention – Protection – Police K9 – Decoy Agitation – Nutrition & Conditioning – First Aid – Weight Pulling

In addition MTK9 can customize seminars regarding numerous subjects under training, handling, obedience, behavior modification, etc. Any questions or concerns please contact us at: 972-921-2000 or info@MTFDogs.com








Micmac Teaching for K9s adheres to a strict confidentiality policy. We agree not to give interviews to television, radio, newspaper, or periodical representatives regarding their association with MTK9 for its clients. We also agree not to give any personal opinions or comments concerning our clients.

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An innovative leader MTK9 has been sought after internationally. From several other dog trainers to police agencies MTK9 is eminent for educating and resolving problems by providing solutions through their training programs.

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Firm: Micmac Teaching for K9s
Address: Waxahachie, TX
Phone: 972 921 2000
Email: info@mtfdogs.com

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