Proper and true education begins with the correct vocabulary along with being on the same page in order to narrow interpretation and eliminate fallacies and/or erroneous fabrication. So it is here where people may start to receive accurate instruction.

Looking directly to the solitary book of reference available, the dictionary, we can arrive to a common conclusion for the correct answers.:


DOG; a domesticated Canid, Canis Familiaris, bred in many varieties which are commonly kept as house pets and also used for hunting, guarding people or property, etc.

SPORT; an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.

COMPETITION; the act of competing; a contest for some prize, honor, or advantage.

VICIOUS; addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral; depraved; given or readily disposed to evil; spiteful; malicious; having bad habits or a cruel or fierce disposition. (No dog is vicious because it requires malice and/or intent. Dogs merely do what they are supposed to do instinctually. They may be aggressive but not vicious.)

ATTACK; to set upon with force or words; an offensive action.

PROTECTION; the act of protecting, the state of being protected; to shield from injury, guard; one that protects; the supervision or support of one that is smaller and weaker.

GUARD; protect, defend; to watch over.

SOCIALIZATION; to make fit for companionship with others; make sociable; to convert or adapt to the needs of society.

DESENSITIZE; to lessen the sensitiveness of; to make indifferent, unaware, or the like, in feeling.

ACCLIMATE; to accustom or become accustomed to a new climate or environment; adapt.

CLIMATIZE; to acclimate to a new environment; one that includes extreme cold or extreme heat.

DETER; to discourage or restrain from acting or proceeding; to prevent.

FEAR; whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid from the knowledge or lack thereof something that will or can happen.





The following information is definitions that depict trained professionals who are certified and qualified to instruct and conduct training under controlled conditions.






Those are the heightened attributes of how a dog can protect you better than most other security measures. Dogs are the world’s oldest security system and many with decades of experience can agree on one thing; there is no more stronger presence than what a professionally trained dog can bestow! Learn and live by the 3 “D’s” to live in peace, increase responsibility and reduce liability.

Despite popular misconceptions there are many distinct dynamics that differ for each individual job a dog might have. Below you will be able to see just a few elements which in turn can guide you regarding your own considerations for training.

WATCH DOG; the average dog can fit under this name as most will sound the alarm if they see, hear or smell something and/or someone by barking. However one can have their dog trained to “alert” on command. By giving a command your dog could bark, pulling on the end of his/her lead giving the perception of a well-trained attack dog

GUARD DOG; (a.k.a. Estate Guardian, Perimeter Security) all three are most similar. The dog’s job at hand is to protect a particular area and/or property. Similar to the “junkyard dogs” of old these dogs must be fierce, strong in temperament and have some body mass in order to control a man alone! The most paramount factor to owning such a dog is to insure the dog is contained at all times. Estate guardians are not required to sound the alarm depending on the breed, training, etc. Rather than the owner of the property should post clear warnings the area is patrolled by dogs. Responsibility is crucial because whether it is a 3 year old girl or a 90 year old man, the dog will see them as an intruder who does not belong there. Guard dogs react to anyone and their reaction is bite first, ask questions later.

PERSONAL PROTECTION DOG; Far different from an estate guardian the dog should not just react but rather assess whether a person is aggressive or not. Even more so they respond to their handler’s commands. Their temperament must be rock solid, capable of being with his/her owner at all times. Socialization is important as well because they must be able to accompany you throughout crowds, busy streets, etc. House searches upon your return can be extremely rewarding for peace of mind.

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION; Quite similar to a personal protection dog yet they do not have to be as social. Usually one handler is all that is needed. Furthermore an assailant is much more to be prevalent so less control is needed. In addition many can be trained to detect explosives if required.

SECURITY; Even less social ability these dogs would be more of a combination between executive protection and guard dogs. Less control with some different tasks like apprehension for example.

POLICE K9; Unlike protection duties being on the defense side these dogs are required to apprehend suspects that are unlawful and dangerous. Their temperament is scrutinized for the very best in order to engage with hostile people who maybe on some kind of altering substance. Emphasis on the apprehension instead of other areas for personal protection.








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