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Since 1992 MTK9 has provided training for family pets to K9 partners, from novice to professionals. Training is customized to fit your lifestyle. We execute effective and reliable business practices, training dogs for the “real world”.

An innovative leader MTK9 has been sought after internationally. From several other dog trainers to police agencies MTK9 is eminent for educating and resolving problems by providing indispensable solutions through their training programs.

All our work is backed up by certifications, titles, testimonials and referrals. Furthermore MTK9’s sustainability is merited by pure and honest hard work. When others fail or disappear; MTK9 prevails.

Continuing education is imperative in order to keep up with the very best techniques, equipment and science. Every facet is not always evident with the ever growing population, environmental obstacles and liability. MTK9 demonstrates commitment in every step of training development, from inception and creativity through tutoring and execution.


About Rob


Rob’s actual training experience exceeds over 25 years. He started MTK9 in 1992 in Lexington, MA. His first student was a rescued boxer that a veterinarian called him, “un-trainable” so he recommended a “Pet Psychologist” to the owners. The owners heard about Rob and after meeting him they were impressed enough to hire him. Within three weeks the dog was successfully trained and the new owners could finally enjoy their new companion without the need of any psychologist.

From 1992 until about 1996 Rob continued to have success doing in-home training for families. It wasn’t until then that he got involved with conformation shows and weight pulling when he realized at that point, he could only be considered an Obedience Trainer, not a Dog Trainer. From conformation and weight pulling Rob went on for more experience and learning.

Around 1999 Rob further pursued education, learning protection work. In addition to continuous successful training it is here where he developed relationships and a network of some of the best dog professionals in the world! At the same time Rob purchased his first “working” dog and so the learning progressed tenfold.

Unsatisfied Rob has always been compelled to learn and gain even more experience and knowledge. In order to know dogs and the industry completely one has to be directly involved in every aspect if possible. So during the first several years of building MTK9 Rob worked directly for others in the pet industry. Again he would never be satisfied with just anyone so he had chosen to seek the very best paying his dues in each field. As kennel help and vet assistant the hospital was an accredited hospital and boarding facility for eight years running by AAHA. The groomer he worked for had a customer base of over 1000 clients. In addition a student of MTK9 was a Professor at Tufts Veterinarian School of Medicine, licensed both here in the U.S. and Germany!

His thirst for knowledge continues to this day very much aware that learning never ends. It is this humble attitude that makes MTK9 one of the most sought after facilities for proper training. Here in Texas alone 6, yes SIX other dog trainers have requested and received help training their own dogs from MTK9. Furthermore Rob has been called upon and worked with four different police departments. From handling skills for security K9s to decoy agitation for clubs and/or associations MTK9 remains to be second to none.

Just a few highlights of Robert Boudreau, Owner and Head Trainer of Micmac Teaching for K9s.



• Montauk of Micmac – WDX, PPD

• Olesko vom Sandstein – SchH III, PPD, AD, French Ring Brevet

• Zeus – PPDX, PD


• Montauk of Micmac – CGC, TT, CAL I, II, III

• Olesko vom Sandstein – CGC

• Zeus – Service Dog

• El Mesquital Felipe – CGC, TT, CAL I, II, III, BST, Service Dog


• Montauk of Micmac – Security, Area Patrol

• Atilla of Micmac – Perimeter Guard

• Mikey of Micmac – Perimeter Guard

• Zeus – Security, Area Patrol

• El Mesquital Felipe – Security, Area Patrol, Perimeter Guard


• Selected to be the first American Decoy for K9 Pro Sports in Denmark

• One of only three Level III Certified Decoys of K9 Pro Sports

• Decoy for ten different clubs and/or associations from Maine to Texas throughout the years.

• Agitator for the Fila Brasileiro Association since 2008

• Level V Instructor Decoy for Protection Dogs International

• Trial Decoy for at least 15 different protection tournaments


• Coordinator for seven protection tournaments

• Creator, coordinator and host for the Texas K9 Team Classic

• Created scenarios and decoy certification for Protection Dogs International


• Jason Howe – Certified Level I Decoy of Sanford, ME

• Albert Pereira – Certified Level I Decoy of Boston, MA

• Steve Johnson of Whitman, MA

• Robert Miranda of Waxahachie, TX

• Jeff Emmert – Certified Level II Decoy of Venus, TX

• Gary Jensen – Certified Level II Decoy of Waxahachie, TX

• Zeb Higginbotham – Certified Level I Decoy of Dallas, TX

• Clint Morton – Certified Level II Decoy of Waxahachie, TX


• Certified K9 Pro Sports

• Certified Protection Dogs International


• A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

• American Temperament Test Society Apprentice Tester

• Fila Brasileiro Association Temperament Test


• K9 Pro Sports Central Regional Director 2006

• Protection Dogs International SW Texas Regional Director 2009

• Texas K9 Team Classic since 2011


• First and only trainer to be sponsored by the American Dog Owners Association


• American Canine Sports Medicine Association

• Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, Inc.

• Fila Brasileiro Association








Micmac Teaching for K9s adheres to a strict confidentiality policy. We agree not to give interviews to television, radio, newspaper, or periodical representatives regarding their association with MTK9 for its clients. We also agree not to give any personal opinions or comments concerning our clients.

About Us


An innovative leader MTK9 has been sought after internationally. From several other dog trainers to police agencies MTK9 is eminent for educating and resolving problems by providing solutions through their training programs.

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